Frequently Asked Questions

Why is most of the event in September?
The event runs simultaneously with the original Oktoberfest in Munich. It originally began and ended in October, but the start date was brought back to September, due to better weather. It’s as simple as that. 

Is there an entrance fee?
Oktoberfest Dublin has free admission on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week of the event! You don’t need a ticket to enter. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday you need to buy a ticket at the entrance. A ticket is on Thursday 8 €, Friday & Saturday 12 € and comes with voucher for a germanic meal.  If you want to book a table in the main marquee, which you can do right here on our website under reservations, there will be a fee as well. From Sunday to Thursday and after 10pm you need to have eaten a meal before being able to buy more beer, so we will be selling meal vouchers with a wristband after 10pm, which is 6,-€. You can get them at any of our bars.

Can I book a ticket in advance? 

We don’t sell tickets for Thursday, Friday & Saturday in advance. You need to pay the entrance fee right at the entrance with our lovely staff. Please note it is cash only and there might be a long queue to get inside.

How can I book a table?
You can book a table on our reservation page and only there. Bookings via email or telephone are not possible. If you are planning a larger night out with your company, please contact us using the contact section of our homepage to discuss your options with one of our staff. 

What do I do if I can’t book a table for the day I want to?
Still join us! There are lots of other areas where you can enjoy our event. All outdoor tables are on a first come, first serve basis. The area at the back of the main marquee won’t be reserved, just like the dance floor in front of the stage.

How big are the beers?
A stein is 1 litre (large) and half a stein is 0.5l (small), simple huh?

How much is a beer?
A large beer costs €12,50 and a small beer costs €6.50. With your first beer you will be asked to pay a €5 deposit for the glass.

Can I pre order drinks?

Yes you can buy online beer token! You need to pick them up at the reservation. A 1L drink token includes a glass deposit, 0,5L drink tokens do not include the deposit. Two 0,5L token combined equals a 1L token. There is no change given for token.

With every new bought drink you will get a separate token as a proof that you rented a new glass, keep this with you until you hand the glass back to get the deposit back. In case you order another drink, you can keep this token as you get another glass. This goes on until you hand in your last glass.

How do I get my €5 deposit back?
Along with your first beer you get a token. When you return this with the glass, you’ll get your €5 deposit back at any bar. At the end of the night we open our deposit station at the bottom of the exit ramp, where everyone can return their steins. Make sure you don’t lose your deposit coin, as it lets us know that the stein wasn’t stolen. 😉

What drinks do you sell besides beer?
We also sell wines, soft drinks and Prosecco.

Do you sell German food?
JAAA! At our event you can enjoy sauerkraut, bratwurst sausages, haxn and other German specialties.

Do you have a cloakroom?
For sure! Our cloakroom is in the marquee at the main entrance ramp down on the platform. It’s 2€ per item. Please note that larger bags and suitcases might be refused due to safety reasons. In this case admittance is refused.

Is there an age limit to enter?
You need to be 21 years of age or older to attend Oktoberfest Dublin.

Are children allowed at the event?
Yes! Children are allowed until 5 pm as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

How long will I have to queue to get in?
That depends on what day of the week you visit and at what time. Our advice is the earlier you get here the less time you will spend queuing.

Can I book tickets in advance to avoid queuing?
The only way is to book a table on our reservation page, that way you don’t have to queue.

Is there live music/DJ at the event?
JAWOLL! Every evening from around 6pm our house band Mostlandstürmer play everything from traditional German music to hits from Robbie Williams and The Beatles.
DJ Udo will also be playing non-stop hits every evening.

Where is Lost & Found?
You might get lucky and find your lost items in the event controller’s office container opposite the CCTV van. Just ask one of our friendly security staff to show you the way.