Oktoberfest is not only about garbs and drinking beer in marquees. It’s a fairground above all. What is a huge fair in Munich every autumn you can find in small at George’s Dock. This year we bring our brand new “Hau den Lukas” and a boxing machine, where you can test your punch against your mates.

Dirndl Tradition

The women’s dress is called Dirndl, while the guys usually wear the traditional Lederhosen with a checkered shirt or a cardigan. There are numerous variations of the traditional dress originating from different areas in Bavaria. The variations range from special hats, socks to shirts and jackets with custom fancy work and fabric patterns.

Bavarian “Dirndl”-ribbon ABC:

  • ribbon on the right side: married
  • ribbon on the left side: not married
  • ribbon in the middle: virgin 😀

Food & Drinks

German food: Bratwurst, Steak & Burger, Leberkäs, Haxn, Sauerkraut, Roasted potatoes, Hot Dog & Fries, Burgundian ham, Farmers Bread, Schmalzkuchen, Crepes, Candy, Pretzels

“Erdinger Irish Oktoberfest” – the classic wheat beer,
“Erdinger Festbier” – a cold filtered wheat beer,
“Erdinger alkoholfrei” – a non alcoholic beer,
excellent white and red wine, Prosecco as well as various soft drinks.

Herr Brombach, the owner of the Erdinger brewery once said when having his first sip at Oktoberfest Dublin:”Mmmmh, des Bier schmeckt guad, sehr guad”, which means as much as “the beer tastes good, very good”, and if you had seen the expression on his face that night, you’d know that that was about the greatest compliment to us.

Music “Wiesn Hit 2018”